Considerations for

Day Camps

At Sapling Forest School, we acknowledge that fresh air, dirt, nature, sunlight and laughter are some of the best immune-supporting elements available to children during these uncertain times.

Tentatively, Sapling Forest School will operate Day Camps in conjunction with Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Guidelines surrounding COVID-19. All camps will take place throughout summer months. Please note that this notice will change based on the evolving recommendations of the provincial government.

Steps we’re taking:

- As always, Day Camps are facilitated 100% outdoors, in the forest.

- Food must be provided by caregivers and sharing of food will not be permitted.

- Lunch and snack times will take place outdoors when possible and always socially distant.

- Washroom facilities will be sanitized regularly. 

- Hand-washing/hand sanitizing will increase for campers and staff. Campers and staff will be required to keep personal hand sanitizer close to them.

- When caring for children in close proximity, for the purpose of personal care, or first aid, staff will be required to wear a mask and single-use disposable gloves.

- All campers must be 100% potty trained.

- In the event of inclement weather, where campers may be required to go indoors, each camper will wear a mask and remain socially distant.


Please note that masks are not mandatory at summer camp. Families/children can continue to wear masks as they feel comfortable. 

If you have questions, or would like to talk further about anything you see above, please contact us at