Forest School
1/2 Day Summer Camp

Preschoolers 3 - 5 yrs

Program description is available at bottom of page. Please see date options below. 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

9:00am - 12:00pm


August 1 - 4, 2022 

Monday - Thursday


Monday - Thursday

August 1 - 4, 2022

Image by Roman Averin

1:00pm - 4:00pm



Play is most important. 

This camp is an early years program designed to support children in developing the confidence to play, learn and explore in the forest. This play-based, emergent program is supported by experience staff who are guided by the needs and interests of the children in the program. The small group of 12 children is guided by 4 Forest Camp Facilitators who prepare programming based on your child's interest in play. Children in this program often enjoy playing and exploring with water, games, mud, bugs, animal watching, songs, art and nature walks. 

Children may not always recall the learning, play or experiences they enjoyed at camp, so please be invited to speak with a Forest Camp Facilitator to hear about your child's unique experience. 


Children who are 5 years old and have not yet attended school or day care are welcome to attend this program. Children who are 5 years old and comfortably attending group programs should be invited to join our Adventurers programs.