Where did Forest School Come from?

The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada caught a global wave of Forest and Nature-based education that is revolutionizing the modern educational approach. With an approach that was adapted from traditional Aboriginal teachings and international approaches, Forest and Nature School set out to develop nation-wide, high-quality programs that reconnect young people to nature. Sapling Forest School is one of those programs.


Forest and Nature Schools have sprouted throughout Canada and continue to positively impact the growth of children while promoting natural environments.


Sapling Forest School's Director has a passion for quality Early Childhood Education, and combined with her love for the outdoors, she worked to open the first Forest School in Western Newfoundland.

Each year, Sapling Forest School continues to grow and create access to forest-related opportunities for all ages.


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Quiet Forest

The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada fosters meaningful connections with the outdoors for children and youth. We believe that all children and youth should have the opportunity to play and learn in forests, parks, meadows, and mud puddles.